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Spiritual Teacher - Trauma Specialist - Mental Health Therapist -  Author of the book The "I Am" Solution, Transform FEAR back to LOVE

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Don't miss Dr. Karmen Smith's exciting week long workshop devoted to the mystical teachings that will delight your Soul. Learn how to access the power, joy and love that can only be found within yourself. Let go of all the fears and conformities that limit your creativity. Let life begin in a tropical setting with those that have chosen to wake up to their true identity. Timber Creek Retreat is exclusive resort in Kansas City known for providing miracles. Change your consciousness in a beautiful space while enjoying organic food, beautiful scenary. This retreat is sold out, but keep an eye out for more in the future. It will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

Dr. Karmen Smith MSW LCSW DD

Dr. Karmen Smith was inspired by childhood trauma which sparked her interest in mental health issues. She has spent over twenty years working in the field of Child Welfare in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Karmen realized at an early age that spirituality is the key to healing all past wounds.




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NSITE's intention is to reveal the steps to heal and access our optimum potential. To help people discover abundance in all aspects of their life through, psychological, and spiritual practices.

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