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The online course teaches you how to turn Trauma into Triumph using The "I AM" SOLUTIONTM. Dr. Karmen Smith developed The "I AM" SOLUTIONTM over twenty years working with people that have experienced trauma as a mental health therapist and ordained metaphysical minsister. The "I AM" SOLUTIONTM can transform the victim mentality into the victorious proactive hero. The online coures consists of teaching videos, own work and meditative exercises that can increase your sense of who you really are. The "I AM" SOLUTIONTM will focus on how you relate to those around you and will help you discover that you can BE more. 

 Dr. Karmen Smith has simplified the process of activating your inner hero by including The "I AM" SolutionTM five practices in the online course.  


  • Compassion- Learn the true meaning of Forgiveness which starts with the self.
  • Non Judgement or Acceptance- Will Tame the critical mind.
  • Gratitude- Learn How to be thankful for " EVERYTHING".
  • AGAPE Love- Learn How to practice loving Oneself first which is the key to loving others.
  • Trust that EVERYTHING is working for your GOOD.


The Five Practices will allow you to turn Trauma to Triumph.

Dr. Karmen Smith is a trauma specialist and knows first hand how so called "negative" events can change our identity. Trauma and the cycle of suffering can hide our true self. Our exterior behaviors such as blaming and addictiion are the wounds that we present to the world. The perpetual motion of suffering is what I teach as the HUMAN HAMSTER WHEEL which is key to understanding the ego.  The alchemy of suffering can stop now, there is a way to live in Abundance and joy. The "I AM" SolutionTM can stop addictive patterns by exposing them. Then you can focus on the truth of who you are.

Our birthright is to be Powerful, Awesome and Magnificent regardless of the circumstances.

The online course Trauma to Triumph will use the "I AM " SOLUTIONTM to transform your thoughts and your life.

Not only will you Be the One but your light will transform those around you. They will begin to see that an abundant life is possible due to the brilliance of your light.

Click on the button below to access Trauma to Triumph using The "I AM" SOLUTIONTM four week online course only $699.00 $39.00. You can take it at your own pace and invite friends to join you as a group process.

Less than the cost of one therapy session, The "I AM" SOLUTIONTM will remind you that what you need is everything you are.

BE the ONE to ignite your inner Hero today.


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